XRP Technical Analysis Weekend Recap: Re-Focus on XRP, 3 Bullish Reasons Why

If we may ask a legitimate question, what is draining crypto valuation and XRP in particular? With every new low, there is saturation of theories—flimsy and authoritative. No matter the explanation, it doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day, prices are down and your investment in XRP is taking a rather painful hit.Today we summarize why, despite all the down turns, there are valid and encouraging reasons to stay put and wait for the next big XRP bullish run:First, let’s talk about the welcoming Malta. It’s quickly becoming a paradise shedding cryptocurrencies from all regulatory hostilities. While we realize how country’s leaders are positioning themselves to potentially tap the next wave of shaping technology, we also recognize that the country overtook South Korea. Malta is now the largest purchaser of XRP according to the latest Q2 Ripple Report.

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