That’s Not MetaMask Mobile, It’s Malware

February 12, 2019 12:48 AM

The clipper malware can steal credentials and keys and change wallet addresses.

In a February 8 announcement, cybersecurity firm ESET said it had discovered malware in the Google Play store that was designed to steal crypto wallet addresses and keys.

According to ESET, this type of malware, dubbed a “clipper,” was first spotted in 2017 on Windows before infecting Android app stores in 2018. ESET researchers say it has been available on “underground hacking forums” and on popular software-hosting site The Google Play store is the latest to be affected.

The clipper malware is so named because it can copy a bitcoin or Ethereum wallet address that has been saved on a digital clipboard and change that address to one that belongs to the attacker. The malware is also designed to steal private keys.

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