Melonport Integrates ENS Compatibility

Joining a recent trend, the blockchain-based asset management company now boasts ENS compatibility.

Melonport AG, the team behind the crypto asset management system Melon, recently revealed its integration of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains into Melon. Members of the Melon team developed this compatibility during the ENS London workshop and hackathon held over the weekend.

Per the update, Melon’s deployed mainnet contracts will now direct to several ENS subdomains. Accordingly, users will only be able to search for the contracts on the block explorer Etherscan using these ENS names. The team also noted that the contracts used during Naxos, Melon’s second Olympiad (its series of blockchain-based asset management competitions), will point to the ENS subdomains as well.

ENS compatibility has been top of mind in the cryptospace.

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