At Ripple’s Snoop Dogg Party, A Search for XRP

Would this be one of those crypto events? A star past his prime pumping the flavor of the month?

As part of the first-ever New York Blockchain Week, Snoop Dogg was booked to perform at the XRP Community Night on Tuesday. The event, as the name would suggest, was meant to celebrate XRP, a cryptocurrency most closely tied with the San Francisco startup Ripple. The party could have provided the latest example of a celebrity hyping crypto: Floyd Mayweather, Dennis Rodman and Paris Hilton have each pumped one token or another in recent months.

Stakes were even higher after the 46-year-old rapper praised the trading app provider Robinhood in January for “putting tha Crip in Crypto!” after the company announced plans to roll out bitcoin and ether trading.

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