Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup: Indian Exchange Listing Lifts Zilliqa

FOMO MomentsWhile crypto markets are still open on weekends things predictably slow down a little. Activity has been relatively flat over the past two days and no momentum has built in either direction. Fortunately there has been no crash back down to early April levels, but on the flip-side the bulls could not push total market capitalization back over $400 billion either. Bitcoin has wallowed around $8,300 for a few days with no gains or losses on yesterday’s levels. Altcoins have been a mixed bunch, some falling further while others have made small gains. Today’s coin of the moment is Zilliqa.Coinmarketcap is currently reporting an 8% gain on ZIL which has pumped and dumped over the past week or so. Trading at $0.146 Zilliqa is up from $0.135 this time yesterday. Over the week however ZIL has lost 15% from $0.174 the same time last Sunday.

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