Ahead Of Mainnet Launch, Over 20 Startups Team Up On TRON (TRX) DApp Ecosystem

Not less than 20 startups teaming up on producing state of the earth DApp ahead of the May 31st mainnet Launch which will see Tron move completely out of ERC20 platform.

The Tron community and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are expecting that something revolutionary will come out of the launch. If not so, there is going to be setbacks for the cryptocurrency, those who HODL it, and the whole community who pledges support for the cryptocurrency day in day out.

As the cryptocurrency world awaits in expectation for the captivating outcome of Tron mainnet launch, those behind the cryptocoin are trying to create a soft landing.

In a recent message by the Tron lab, not less than 20 startup team are, at the moment working on developing on Tron DApp ecosystem, and the first batch of recommended DApps is expected to be published on June 5.

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